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    September 08, 2009


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    I know that it has been a long hard road bringing me to full “WEENER” fan status, but it was worth it. I have several favorites like Pony, Party, Friends, and what Deener was talking about but this concert really helped me round out my taste for Ween. They cover so many spectrums of music it is hard not to find something that you like. Not to mention how mind blowing they were LIVE. It was nothing short of an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. I am so glad I got to see them, and even more happy that I got to see them with YOU my lovely and wonderful husband! Thank you for expanding my music horizons to include this awesome group!

    P.S. I DID NOT weasel anywhere! The people in front of us left/moved of their own accord! I just have a knack for noticing an impending move before others!

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