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Andrew Press

  • Family Guy and the Washington Post Multiverse
    Drawings, Graphic Design, and other examples of my work

Design & Professional Work

  • Pain Clothing Flyer 1
    Design, things I've done with other artists, and various flyers and designs done for friends and customers.
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Inspiration and Sources

  • Pretty Much Amazing!
    The name says it all: easily one of the best music blogs on the internet.
  • Cool Hunting
    Like the extreme, upper-middle class version of what I'm sort-of-but-not-really trying to do with my site. Great for the occasional find, but mostly out of my price range.
  • A Welsh View
    Another old favorite of mine, cool blog bejeweled with great posts.
  • Boing Boing
    Great site for gadget, tech, piracy and copyright info.
  • Fark
    There are diamonds in the rough, just, you know, really, really rarely.
  • Reddit
    A quick, dirty way to find new stuff. Just sift through all the garbage first...
  • Growabrain
    Information overload, great posts, well written.
  • Metafilter
    The best page on the internet, hands down.

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